Saturday, January 28, 2017

Under Pressure Cooker

My wife picked up one of those Instant Pot pressure cookers a couple of weeks ago after reading great reviews about them online. It turns out, the brand has such a devoted following that they even have a name for an Instant Pot owner: a Pothead.

There’s also a unique trend happening within the Pothead community, which was brought to my attention when my wife showed me this:

The comments to this Facebook post were overwhelming positive, no doubt because the song is the musical manifestation of the kitchen appliance. There were a few snickers in the comments crowd, too, since Freddie's pose along with the position of the word “under” gave the impression that Freddie was actually releasing some pressure, so to speak.

The more knowledgeable Queen fans in the group came to Freddie’s rescue by reminding everyone that the decal was put on the Instant Pot should be turned 90˚ counterclockwise so Freddie is seen leaning backward.

And then my wife discovered another UP reference:

And another:

 And another:

Putting a clever decal on your Instant Pot usually means relating it back in some way to either cooking, steam, the letters “IP,” or the word “pot,” as these custom Instant Pot decals shows:

Some Potheads are so enthralled by their Instant Pot that they purchased two...and did up matching decals for them up, too.

So what about other Queen possibilities? A quick flip through their song list suggests these classics could make interesting decals:

  • Who Wants to Cook Forever
  • You’re My Best Friend
  • Love of My Life

Slim pickings, I must say. Under Pressure is without a doubt the best decal choice.