Friday, March 18, 2011

“Charting” Queen songs

I stumbled across these Queen-themed pie charts, bar graph, and Venn diagram the other day when I was scoping out infographic samples for my university course I teach on information design.

While the pie charts are simple enough to understand, I wonder what data was used as the basis for the Venn diagram and bar chart? I don’t recall “Never” and “Then” used in I Want It All. Actually, one of the variables in the bar graph should have been “All” since that would be in keeping with the song lyrics instead of making up bogus variables to contrast with “Now,” the punchline to the graph.

The Venn diagram is even more ambiguous in how the circles are arranged in proximity to each other, not to mention the difference in emphasis as denoted in the typography for each. I suppose it doesn’t really matter if there’s any external validity to how these poetic heros are related to each other; it will only be Queen fans that’ll get the joke and be dumbfounded that someone else actually put together a Venn diagram on the poetic hero of Queen songs . . . like me.

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