Monday, August 8, 2011

Freddie and Eddie

Media Moment: Classic Rock magazine
Queen-related: Features article on Queen and Queen tidbits throughout

Eddie in a suit and given an Obama political poster treatment. This issue of Classic Rock magazine caught my eye at the drug store the other day. Hey! There’s Queen on the polybag — the front has them mentioned at the top of the boxed list, and on the back there’s a description of the inside article and the recording of their Sheer Heart Attack album from 1974.

I had to wait until I got home to carefully open the polybag and extricate the magazine as gently as I could. Once I got it out, I went through it page-by-page. Once of the table of contents pages prominently features a Queen shot (see above), so we’re off to a great start with this issue.

In the album review section near the end of the publication, there is another Queen-dominant layout in which the recent re-release of NOTW is the main story, even though this sidebar is surrounding by other big-name releases like Moving Pictures by Rush.

The main Queen story is definitely one of the lead stories for this issue. It features several double-page spreads with large, lead-in photos and interesting pull-quotes.

The editors must have begged Mick Rock for all of the shots from his SHA album cover photo shoot because this story features outtakes from that session that I’ve never seen before. (I’m sure some of them appear in Rock’s recently published book on Queen, but, sadly, I haven’t seen it.)

Later on in the magazine, there’s a great little cartoon section whereby famous movie plots are parodied with rock star personas, juxtaposing the movie’s message with a misbehaving rock star’s antics. Freddie makes an appearance in the E.T. panel. It looks like the cartoonist spent a few hours watching that Jazz release party footage from The Magic Years, as the background activity in this panel would attest to.

As I routinely do with these types of music magazines, I skim through all of the stories to see if Queen’s name is mentioned during discussions of other bands or artists. More times than not, there’s at least a quote by a rock star or a band member that makes reference to either Queen the band or a Queen album.

This issue of Classic Rock was no different, although the Queen reference came from the author rather than the musician, as seen here with the latest Def Leppard album review:

The only thing left for me to do with this blog entry is to do an actual review of the article itself. The problem is, I haven’t read it yet. 

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