Friday, September 23, 2011

Canadian front runner in Queen Extravaganza contest

It appears as though Canadian Marc Martel is the front runner to be Freddie in the Queen Extravaganza contest that’s going on right now on YouTube.

I was first tipped off to Marc’s video audition yesterday when a Facebook friend of mine shared the YouTube link on my wall. I watched it and thought that he did indeed have a strong voice reminiscent of Freddie, and he has a physical resemblance to match. Marc was obviously doing his homework because he is even holding the microphone in a manner similar to what Freddie would have done.

The comments under his YouTube video are overwhelming supportive as are the comments on the Queen Extravaganza YouTube page. To be honest, I did think that the clip of this dude singing STL is also pretty strong but he didn’t quite have the physical resemblance to help garner votes. And the fact that he put “winning” in his video title probably didn’t earn him any sympathy likes.

It’s a little bit ironic that Marc is a singer in a Christian rock band and that his dad is a minister in a MontrĂ©al church. Obviously Marc himself doesn’t have a problem with Freddie but I wonder what his church fans are going to think about his portrayal of a gay singer?

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