Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Queen Extravaganza coming to Calgary

Well, I guess I know what I’m doing on July 2, 2012.

If you’re in the Calgary area, are you interested in meeting up for this show?

It should be an interesting performance in and of itself given the audition process and preliminary hype that’s emerged courtesy of Roger’s efforts.  I’ll be curious to see what he has been promising for surprises. Maybe it’ll be a guest appearance by Roger Taylor and Brian May? 

Or maybe Paul Rodgers will get up on stage for those shows in British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest since he is now a Canadian citizen and lives in BC these days.

The Edmonton show might be interesting, too, since it’s the last stop on the tour.

POSTSCRIPT – March 31/12: Just bought tickets for the Calgary show . . .



  1. Saw the show in Vancouver last night. Don't expect look-alikes, men dressed in drag or a flamboyant stage production. These folks simply are excellent musicians who put on a wicked, well-paced performance. Yes, they play most of the hits but, as Martel told us, "we know there's lots of Queen geeks here tonight, so we'll play some other stuff, too, like Lap of the Gods... one AND two..."

    All the members gave very good performances but Martel takes the show beyond a simple tribute; he truly does sound like Freddie. All in all, well worth the pittance the tix cost. Don't believe the local previews, there's no cheese in this show, just good musicianship, stellar material and a howling party atmosphere: Queen fans, aged seven to seventy, back in the moment again.

    - Married to a Queen Geek.

  2. Thanks for the update, A.

    Any idea whether we're allowed to bring cameras to the gig? I suspect we are since I brought mine to the Q&PR show in Vegas a few years ago and didn't get strip searched at the door. Thankfully the Jack Singer Concert Hall isn't that big so I should be able to get a few decent shots and do a blog entry on the Calgary show.

    I think I read somewhere that Roger is rumoured to be coming to Calgary, which would be cool, so we'll see I guess.