Thursday, August 30, 2012

Piracy is more than a pile of lifeless CDs

Freddie gets top billing in a recent campaign by TBWA Italy to bring attention to music piracy and the damage it causes to an artist’s creative spirit, not to mention his or her career.

Also in this series of deceased rock legends are Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, James Brown, Jim Morrison, and Bob Marley.

Symbolically, these effigies are interesting on many levels. The fact that they are all dead musicians speaks to the metaphor of how music piracy can suffocate a career. The fact that CDs are used to execute their likenesses also adds another dimension to the message. They could have used guitar picks for Hendrix, for example, but using the medium of their industry underscores the point even more.

Apparently it took roughly 200 hours to construct each one. I’d be curious to know how they approached the composition; did they work from a super-lifesized outline of the photo it was based on? Did they choose the outfit for each according to the available CD labels connected to each artist? Just like the Lego portrait of Freddie, these likenesses must have taken some spatial problem-solving know-how.

To see the other musicians, check out NME’s article on them here.

Photo courtesy of TBWA Italy


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