Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bohemian Lawsuit

Media Moment: Judge Karen
Queen Related: episode called Bohemian Rap-sody

When did TV judges start naming their cases? In their defense, however, I suppose that Smith vs. Smith or Kramer vs. Kramer isn’t very descriptive of the types of court cases that are being shown, so why not promote them with a bit more flair, right? Besides, it’s all about ratings anyway.

Judging by the case titles for the remainder of this week and early next, the show does give a vague description of the events which, presumably, land the feuding parties in front of the judge.

However, after watching about 10 minutes of the Bohemian Rap-sody case today, I failed to see the connection to either the song, bohemians, or a rhapsody. (Maybe I missed the punchline at the end of the show?) Perhaps by breaking rhapsody into Rap-sody, the producers felt that there was a “bad rap” element in this overly banal lawsuit. I dunno, it's a weak tie-in, in my opinion.

As an aside, if they’re going to use other Queen songs as potential episode titles, they had better do it quick as Judge Karen is not being renewed for a second season. I guess her flair for the dramatic didn’t quite capture the ratings she needed for a stay of execution (sorry, bad metaphor).


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