Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Piven talks poisoning

Media Moment: Late Show with David Letterman
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Jeremy Piven, the pilloried thespian who took ill during his Broadway debut last year was on Letterman to address his critics after nearly dying due to mercury poisoning.

Apparently, his levels became toxic even prior to his Broadway show, the producers were aware of his condition, and he went on with the show as best he could. He claimed to Letterman that it was the toxic levels of mercury found in the fish he had been eating for the past number of years that put his health in jeopardy and NOT the yellowtail sushi that was the culprit, claimed by the media.

So what music would accompany his appearance on the show? As Piven came out, the band played a disguised-as-jazz clip of CLTCL . At first, Piven’s connection to CLTCL was not obvious (as most of Schaffer’s choices are), but once Piven mentioned “mercury” to Letterman, there it was.

I wasn’t too impressed that Freddie was being indirectly associated with the near-death of Piven, however. Maybe the spin should be that “Mercury,” the messenger god, has something to say about humanity’s poisoning of the world’s oceans, instead.


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