Sunday, September 19, 2010

The pressure's on tomorrow

Media Moment: Don't Forget the Lyrics advertisement
Queen Related: Under Pressure

I’m waiting in the check-out line at the grocery store today, and with nothing better to do than glance around at what others are buying, I happened to catch this back page ad staring out at me from the magazine rack.

If this issue of Star Magazine (Sept 20, 2010) wasn’t put back incorrectly by a browsing customer, I never would have known about it since I’ve never read an issue of Star.

With a host change from Wayne Brady to Mark McGrath for the upcoming season, I’ll be curious to see how the show does. I do think the tie-in between the anxiety felt by contestants and Queen/Bowie’s lyrics is clever, so I hope the show does well.

I haven’t watched too many of the earlier seasons of DFTL although I am aware that Queen songs have made an appearance in the past. Now that the show's marketing efforts are using a prominent Queen song, I hope they become more of a staple on the song list for this season, which starts tomorrow.

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