Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fat bottomed puppets

Media Moment: Broadway production of Avenue Q
Queen Related: Fat Bottomed Girls mentioned

Queen gets referenced in the strangest of places it seems. My wife was recently in New York and went to see Avenue Q on Broadway, which is sort of like Sesame Street for adults.

And since my wife is tuned in to Queen sightings because of my influence, she told me that there was a line in the song Mix Tape that mentions Fat Bottomed Girls. It’s an awkward metaphor of how one male character thinks of a female character who has the hots for him and interprets his gift of a mix tape as a good sign. Needless to say, she’s a bit dismayed that the titles of some of the songs were less than flattering.

I think there may be a more pervasive Queen element in the production, though. The “Q” in Avenue Q would seem to imply “queer” since there are many homosexual overtones throughout the story. So to reference a Queen song would work on that level alone, although FBG is not a Freddie song. Nonetheless, I think the producers knew that a connection would be made between the Q in queer and FBG to Queen.

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