Sunday, October 24, 2010

Brian's Korean namesake

We had the local cable company install a voice-over-Internet landline telephone late last week and the attending technician was of Southeast Asian descent.

After deciding that the best place to access the TV/Internet cable needed to hook up the cable modem for the new landline was behind the cabinet housing the PVR, he had to navigate through a mountain of kids’ toys to get to the cabinet. This inevitably resulted in him asking how old our child(ren) is which prompted me to ask him the same.

Curious as to which Asian ancestry he belonged to, I asked him which languages he and his wife spoke around the house. He replied both Korean and English, although he admitted they didn't speak as much Korean around the kids as he’d like.

When he finished installing the phone line and testing it, he was ready to head off to his next appointment. I glanced at his name tag and it said: Brian Mai. I should have asked him if he played guitar.

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