Thursday, July 7, 2011

38’s special

Media Moment: Much More Music special
Queen-related: Stone Cold Crazy makes list of 100 greatest hard rock songs

Everyone loves lists. VH1 recognized this kind of draw back in 2006 and began producing a video series called “The Greatest” which chronicled the greatest moments/songs/bloopers/whatever for all manner of music, celebrities, and Internet phenomenon. A full list of the series can be found here.

Here in Canada, Much More Music rebroadcasts many VH1 programs and to date I’ve only seen two of the “Greatest” series: 100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs and the 100 Greatest One-Hit Wonders of the 80s. Queen was, fortunately, only featured in one of the series.

I’m surprised that Stone Cold Crazy was the Queen song selected for this countdown. It wasn’t a major hit for them (as far as I know) and there are certainly lots of other, more well known, hard rocking’ songs in their catalogue to choose from . . . such as Fat Bottomed Girls or Tie Your Mother Down.

What I do like about this choice, though, is that it represents the first song credited to all members. And it does rock harder than the Metallica version, in my opinion.

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