Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Brian reigns over heaven and earth

From the mind and ability of a 16-year-old Queen fan, I painted this rather bad rendering of Brian when I was in Grade 11 in 1984.

I attempted to combine my interest in Queen, landscape painting, and a Boris Vallejo-type outer space scene — none of which were executed that successfully, I would add.

Revisiting this painting after all these years, I’m wondering if I had a premonition that Brian would go on to get his PhD in astrophysics, co-write a book on the origin of the universe, and get politically active in terms of earthly endeavours (i.e., badger cull, bone marrow donation, and even AIDS awareness).

Maybe I should re-imagine this scenario in current terms, both conceptually and technically. I would like to think my painting ability has improved after four years of art school.

Maybe this should be one of my New Year’s resolutions?