Sunday, January 1, 2012

Stop Staring at this Queen II tribute

Media Moment: Stop Staring textbook
Queen-related: Parody of Queen II cover

Mick Rock’s iconic photography for early Queen has been used to promote everything from Harper’s Island (see my blog entry here), Lego, and even a Harry Potter homage.

The latest sighting of a Queen II cover parody was sent to me by an old art school chum of mine, filmmaker Robert Riendeau, who recently became aware of my blog here and all things Queen-related found in it. 

I’ve since deputized him so you can expect more Queen sightings from him here on Queenville in the year to come.

Happy New Year, everyone.

Postscript (October 13, 2012) — Another QII-inspired image from SNL last night, this time for the band Passion Pit.

Postscript (November 11, 2012) — Stumbled across this Aliens version of Queen II.

Postscript (November 15, 2012) — Found this anime version at

Postscript (August 3, 2016) — Vancouver-based film makers and videographers, Noravera, use the Mick Rock pose for some self-promotion

Postscript (August 23, 2016) — Discovered this Protomen tribute to Queen.

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