Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Foolish Quiz

In honour of April Fool’s Day — and my birthday, I’ll add — here’s a little foolish quiz. Can you match the lyric to the song title? The winner gets an all-expense paid trip to the lovely island of Sans Serriffe.

Song Lyric
“…a fool for your love”
“…a fool to make you a home”
“Beyond the rage of foolish pride”
“But I'm no fool…”
“Don’t be a fool…”
“Don’t fool with fools…”
“Fool always jumping…”
“…fools of the first division”
“I’m a fool, for I believed your lies”
“It’s only fools they make these rules”
“…make us out to be fools”
“My heart makes a fool of me”
“Oh no matter fool”
“One foolish world…”
“…she’ll take you for a fool”
“…that dog-gone fool”
“They’d say we’re all fools…”
“You’re just another fool”

Song Title
Dead on Time
Death on Two Legs
Don’t Try So Hard
Fight From the Inside
Good Company
Hang On In There
The Hitman
I Go Crazy
In the Lap of the Gods…Revisited
Las Palabras De Amor (The Words of Love)
More of That Jazz
Sail Away Sweet Sister (To the Sister I Never Had)
Sweet Lady
Teo Torriatte
Time To Shine
Who Needs You
You Don’t Fool Me


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