Thursday, May 17, 2012

Curtain closes on Queen . . .

Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder.

. . . of Disco? Donna Summer is dead. 

While Queen and Donna Summer used the term “Queen” in different ways, I half expected her to cover a Queen tune at some point either in concert or on an album, but I couldn’t find any evidence of it online. What they do have in common is a mutual association with Italian-born record producer/songwriter/performer Giorgio Moroder. He basically kickstarted her early career and remained an instrumental force with her in future years.

I’m not sure when Moroder’s first contact with Queen was but he did own Musicland Studios in Munich where Queen spent much time in the early-to-mid ’80s. Of course, there’s also his collaboration with Freddie on the Metropolis soundtrack while Freddie was in the thick of his solo efforts. Did Donna and Freddie ever meet? If so, it didn’t make the news.

Her quiet battle with lung cancer finally caught up to her today. Apparently, there is some speculation that it was caused by inhaling contaminants while visiting Ground Zero in New York. 

If that ends up being the case, it would truly be unfair.
Freddie Mercury credit: Elien & Johan Copermans
Donna Summer credit: Chris Maliwat / Paul Day
Giorgio Moroder credit: apfelboeck and son

Donna & Giorgio:


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