Monday, May 21, 2012

One departs, one returns

It was the season finale of Saturday Night Live this past weekend. Not only was it Kristen Wiig’s final performance, it featured the return of a British rock legend who’s been on the show before . . . .

Not in the form we had hoped but it was nice to see Freddie pinned up on the set of this karaoke skit. Was that photo of Freddie taken back in 1982 when the band appeared on the show? I’ll have to do some YouTubing to find out if he had the same outfit on.

If it’s not the same Freddie-SNL era shot, I wonder where the set designer picked up the shot. My guess is that they probably had to pay a fee to the photographer to have that image included in a globally distributed television program. If they didn’t, I’m pretty sure the photographer would be sending a strongly worded letter to Lorne Michaels.

As for Jagger, he has a great attitude when it comes to poking fun at himself. He’s also been an on-again, off-again actor through the years with a half dozen SNL appearances to boot.

Watching Jagger roll with the punches made me wonder how Freddie would have done as a guest host; most likely making fun of his own persona during the skits and then kicking it old school as the musical guest. Maybe SNL can do a hologram version of Freddie.


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