Friday, July 31, 2009

Glee-whiz, I heard a Queen song

Media Moment: New Fox TV series, Glee.
Queen Related: Somebody to Love used in promo

Boy, Fox has been pushing their new glee-club reality TV/comedy series called Glee a lot this week. As a teaser, the pilot actually aired back in May after an American Idol episode and the actual series will start in September 2009.

The promos this week have been using Somebody to Love, although not Queen’s version. I’m assuming it is of their cast of musical high schoolers who join the glee-club to gain popularity and kick some musical theater butt later on the storyline.

What I found curious is that the Wikipedia and descriptions of the songs featured in the series do not mention STL. Other pop music favorites like REO Speedwagon’s I Can't Fight This Feeling and Van Halen’s Jump do get a mention. Maybe this means that STL is not in the actual show but was crafted specifically for the promo. I guess I’ll have to watch it in September to see which Queen songs make the cut, if any.

Ryan Murphy, the openly gay series creator, made it big with his slice-n-dice show Nip/Tuck. Since he chooses all of the music to be included in Glee himself, I wonder if the inclusion of STL is significant for him on several levels?

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