Thursday, July 23, 2009

One flies, the other doesn't

Media Moment: Iron Eagle
Queen Related: features One Vision

For a movie that spawned three inferior sequels, I’m sure that the inclusion of One Vision had something to do with it’s soundtrack success.

After the sky-high box office receipts of Tom Cruise in Top Gun—not to mention its soundtrack yielding a few hit singles—Hollywood decided to get on the fighter pilot bandwagon and put out a copycat movie almost immediately.

Unfortunately, neither Jason Gedrick’s nor Lou Gossett Jr.’s careers fully recovered after this film. Queen, on the other hand, were riding a wave of popularity right around this time, with their legendary Live Aid performance in 1985, then the Magic Tour in 1986.

To this day, when I hear One Vision I can't help but be reminded of Freddie’s in-studio pranks and his colorful use of alternate lyrics. Apart from the “fried chicken” reference in the song itself, I’m sure that John still grins when he hears "One dump, two tits, John Deacon!" from The Magic Years video.


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