Monday, July 6, 2009

Ella is swella

Media Moment: Ella Enchanted
Queen Related: Anne Hathaway sings Somebody To Love

You know, when I saw this movie a few years back, I had no idea that Anne Hathaway was going to attempt STL. The arrival of the song happens at an important juncture in the movie, as I discoverd, and her desire to be loved is expressed in a song and dance sequence that ultimately changes the plot of the film.

Can she carry a tune, especially a Freddie tune? Actually, Hathaway does a fairly decent job at keeping the song together and injects a certain amount of charm that warranted another listen from me when the movie was on TV last night. On a different note, however, I’m sure that the premise of Ella Enchanted—a woman being forced to obey whomever addresses her—will be the subject of many anti-misogynists’ term papers for years.

My respect for Hathaway went up after this movie do to her singing ability, and went waayy up after seeing her dramatic turn in Brokeback Mountain. She’s taking on diverse characters which is great to see.

Speaking of song and dance sequences, this song got the extended gospel treatment in Happy Feet by a colony of talented penguins. This must be the decade for STL to be used in movies.

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