Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gaga over body paint

I’ve been hearing Lady Gaga’s name quite a bit in the celebrity news lately and it got me wondering if there’s a Queen connection to her name.

Sure enough, my wife dug a bit into Wikipedia and found that she got her nickname from producer Rob Fusari:

“Music producer Rob Fusari, who helped Gaga write some of her earlier songs, compared her vocal style to that of Freddie Mercury. He nicknamed her Gaga, after the Queen song Radio Ga Ga. She began to use it as her stage name and was known thereafter as Lady Gaga.”
There’s a bit more information on Rob Fusari’s Wikipedia article as well:

“In 2006, Rob signed Lady GaGa to a production deal. After developing a unique electro disco pop to this songwriter and creating her stage name Lady Gaga; ‘We were working one day in the studio, and Queen’s Radio Gaga came on and I was like you are so radio gaga became her nickname.”
I wouldn’t be surprised if Lady GaGa does a cover version of Radio Ga Ga at some point. Personally, I’d be curious to hear her interpretation of it. Although she cites glam rock (Queen and Bowie) as influences, we don’t really know the extent of her Queen/Freddie fondness as it appears that her current Queen-ish identity is due to Fusari’s influence more than her own.

Now, someone please tell me which is the correct spelling: Radio GaGa, Radio Gaga, or Radio Ga Ga?


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