Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy birthday, Freddie

Well, Freddie would have been 63 today and we can only wonder what his musical legacy would have sounded like had he not succumb to HIV/AIDS 18 years ago.

There’s no doubting that Brian and Roger’s continued recording under the Queen banner reflects their desire to march on musically, and I’m sure Freddie would have kept going as well.

What we will never know, however, is where his musical genius would have taken him and the band. Hey, if we thought that Montserrat and Bruce Dickinson would end up doing a BoRhap duet, then who knows what his influence would have brought.

Freddie really was a musical virtuoso especially since the odds were against him being a rock star from the beginning. I guess the stars aligned just right on his birthday to take him from an obscure island off the coast of Tanzania to the top of the charts.


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