Tuesday, October 11, 2011

First “flash” then Flash

Media Moment: Dances with the Stars 
Queen-related: Flash’s Theme

Nancy Grace is into flash these days. First she had a wardrobe malfunction and inadvertently flashed more than she planned to. Jimmy Kimmel had a good monologue quip about it. And then last night she and dance partner Tristan MacManus did a pasodoble to Flash’s Theme.

I can’t say I was too impressed with either the dancing or the performance of the song by the resident orchestra/band. I was silently hoping it would end sooner than it did.

When I heard Tom Bergeron mention that Nancy Grace would be dancing to a Queen song after the break, I was thinking it would be Who Wants to Live Forever since the theme for the night was movie music. Flash’s Theme didn’t even enter my mind, to be honest. But sure enough, when they came back from the break and played the two or three minute montage of Nancy and Tristan rehearsing their routine, the announcement was made that they’d be dancing to Queen’s Flash’s Theme.

And then it went downhill from there.

Nancy’s performance last night capped a string of less-than-stellar moments on DWTS for her. First it was the wardrobe malfunction, then she was accused of flatulating while being interviewed by Brooke Burke after a performance, and now the awkwardness of dancing to Flash. Gotta give her credit for sticking with it, though.

Speaking of a pasodoble . . . it’s too bad Innuendo wasn’t available. It’s got a great Spanish bullfighting energy to it and a kick-ass flamenco guitar duel. But it wasn’t in any movie, so I guess it wasn’t an option.


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