Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Freddie’s Labyrinth

An art school friend of mine posted a neat photo on his Facebook wall of the Grim Reaper. It was a link to a humour blog called Sad and Useless.

Gullible me clicked on it, found the Grim Reaper shot, and proceeded to click through the remaining 25 or so images in that collection. To my surprise, Freddie appears in his It’s a Hard Life video outfit with a title for that image called “Eyes.”

There weren’t any comments directly under the photo but I did find a comments area for the general “Pictures” category and discovered that someone left a lone  message about the shot, as seen here.

Was it coincidence that someone with that name just happened to know the name of the video this is from?

(As an aside, the photo itself wouldn’t have looked so cheesy had it been taken someplace other than what appears to be a second-rate Caesar’s Palace casino. And the gladiator hairstyle doesn’t help, either.)

It’s been a lot of years since I’ve seen Freddie in that outfit and the whole eye motif actually reminded me of the Pale Man in Pan’s Labyrinth who needed a lot of hand-eye coordination to get around.

I think Guillermo Del Toro was so traumatized after watching the Hard Life video that he used Freddie’s shrimp costume as the basis of Ofelia’s nightmare in his film. Come to think of it, it’s too bad that Doug Jones, who plays the monster, wasn’t in the Hard Life video. That would have been sweet.


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