Friday, June 19, 2009

Barry “Bulsara” acquitted

Some might remember the international news coverage from the summer of 2001 regarding the murder of a well-known British journalist named Jill Dando by a man claiming to be Freddie’s cousin, Barry Bulsara.

Barry George (his real name) was acquitted of her murder in August of 2008 after repeatedly claiming his innocence. Apparently, new evidence was discovered that his defense team said would clear him of the murder conviction. An appeal was submitted, a retrial was set, and, sure enough, he was found not-guilty.

Since his release, he’s been seen lingering around Dando’s grave. Perhaps his clinically assessed low IQ (75) is betraying his true motives . . . does he not realize that stalking the grave of the woman he had stalked when she was alive is not the best tactic for maintaining public perception that you’re innocent?

One of the main story angles at the time of his arrest was that he used Freddie’s family’s birth name (Bulsara) to pretend to be was someone he was not. I do feel a bit better knowing that it wasn’t just Freddie’s reputation he has pirating but he also took on the monikers of Paul Gadd (Gary Glitter’s real name) and Steve Majors (Steve Austin+Lee Majors), amongst others.

The full story can be read here.

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