Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How does Freddie stack up?

I’d like to see online trader, Craig Stevens, produce a Lego Freddie bust from his long-hair and checkerboard spandex days.

Craig, of course, created this life-sized Lego bust of ’80s Freddie and, voila!, the Internet is abuzz with square-block-Freddie.

I would be curious to know how Craig approached the sculptural problem. Did he start with frontal and side view photographs, run them through a pixelating filter of some kind to get a mathematical breakdown of the number of layers he’d need, and proceed with building it from a two-dimensional map?

Or did he do it the Michelangelo way—start with a square block of Lego bricks and remove them one by one until Freddie's likeness revealed itself?

The matrix-type structure of the bust reminds me of those trendy ’80s pinscreen boards. You know, the type made famous in the video for Midge Ure’s If I Was.

Photo by Craig Stevens.

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