Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The power of the per

High school can be a tough three years (or longer, for some people) particularly when one (i.e., “me”) showcases their musical taste for all in the classroom to see.

Case in point, I had my Queen – Greatest Hits cassette with me since I had just received a trendy Sony Walkman (remember those?) and would use it in Vis Com class whenever the coast was clear, so to speak.

When I had the cassette out on my desk, Shawn—who was on the five year high school plan—walked by, looked at the case, took out the sleeve, and proceeded to fill in the lower portion of the right stem on the letter “n” with a black felt marker (as you can see in my recreation here).

On one hand, I was impressed that he had the intelligence to recognize that such a subtle change in appearance could reassign the word’s shape so it had a completely different symbolic meaning (leaving aside the queen=drag queen connotation for a moment).

On the other hand, I was annoyed that he was mocking Freddie’s recent adoption of leather and moustache, which, more or less, “outed” him publicly at that point in the band’s history.

On the third hand, the doughhead defaced my cassette sleeve.

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