Saturday, June 27, 2009

Good call.

Media Moment: Wayne’s World
Queen Related: Bohemian Rhapsody

You gotta give Mike Myers credit . . . he almost single-handedly resurrected Queen’s popularity in North America with the Bohemian Rhapsody sing-a-long and headbanging sequence from Wayne’s World in 1992. Unfortunately, it coincided with the aftermath of Freddie’s death a year earlier.

While it’s not my favourite movie, I admit to having seen it five or six times over the years, so why not again when it was on TV last night? I’m glad that the BoRap scene is near the beginning so I didn’t have to fast forward too much to enjoy it quickly.

I’ve always been thankful that the song was featured as prominently as it was in the film. It wasn’t some background tune that lasted a few seconds . . . it actually played a role in the film and a good chunk of the whole song was included. Myers was astute enough to let the audience hear each of its three distinct styles of music: ballad, opera, and rock.

The beauty and complexity of the song was played night after night to a captive audience in the movie theatre. They had no choice but to sit in the darkness and listen to the song in all its glory. Just like Wayne and friends do in the car up on the screen.

For me, this was akin to the hundreds of times I sat in isolation; headphones on and actually listening to the song for what it contained musically. That was the hook for me, and I believe that was the hook for the millions of movie-goers who were introduced to Queen through Wayne’s World.

I also noticed a personality similarity between Garth and Freddie. Maybe it was Carvey’s portrayal of shyness? I’m not sure, but I sensed a bit of Freddie in that character.

On a different note, headbanging behaviour (as shown by metal fanatics) has been the focus of a recent medical study. Bottom line . . . headbanging is bad for the neck.

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