Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We Will Rock Peru

Media Moment:
The Media and Globalization
Queen Related: Queen mentioned in scholarly research

Sure, we’ve seen umpteen different television commercials using Queen songs to hawk products, and you’ll most likely hear WWRY at any sporting event…but I certainly didn't expect to read about Queen in my Masters textbook, The Media and Globalization.

The chapter is on heterogenization of cultures through mediated global communication. The indigenation of popular music (usually from the West) into a different culture was cited as a contributing factor in creating a common experience for members of that society, Lull (2000) states:

“A Peruvian band playing traditional Andes folk music at a tourist restaurant in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, suddenly breaks into the English band Queen’s We Will Rock You to the delight of German and Canadian girls in the audience” (Rantanen, 2005, p. 84).

Goes to show that when WWRY is played around the world, it brings people of all cultures together through of a shared memory of the song.

Rantanen, T. (2005). The Media and Globalization. London: SAGE Publications Ltd.

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