Monday, June 1, 2009

I ain’t lyin’ when I say I heard Brian

Media Moment: The Adventures of Pinocchio (1996)
Queen Related: Soundtrack features Brian

Well, I didn’t even have to wait until noon today before I got my first Queen sighting...I was flipping through the TV channels and stumbled across The Adventures of Pinocchio. You know, the one that features Brian on the soundtrack. He does a duet with Norwegian soprano, Sissel Kyrkjebø, called What Are We Made Of, as well as contribute music and voice to a fairly elaborate opera scene in the movie. I’ve heard rumours that he actually has a cameo in this film somewhere so I’ll have to PVR it and watch closely.

As for the movie itself, it is a strange mix of Team America-style puppetry, SNL-type humour with Rob Schneider, and Warhol-inspired lunacy with Udo (“are you a were-gin?”) Kier as the bad guy...all directed with a bizarre family-friendly, Fellini-esque feel.

Come to think of it, maybe this Pinocchio puppet should have made a cameo in Team American (everyone else did!). I’m sure there’d be a deleted scene on the DVD involving that nose of his.

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