Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fiddler on the move

Media Moment: David Garrett: Live in Berlin
Queen Related: Cover of Who Wants To Live Forever

Public television has some interesting programs and last night’s broadcast of a David Garrett performance in Berlin was no exception. I've never heard of him before so I normally wouldn’t have bothered watching the concert, but I happened to catch the program’s summary which mentioned WWTLF. Hey, I’m open to seeing how a violin (or is it fiddle?) virtuoso plays homage to Highlander, so I PVRed it and watched it this morning.

The song was third in the set—after Michael Jackson’s Smooth Operator—so I didn’t have to fast forward to find it. Garrett does not mention Queen or Brian but instead says, “One of my favorite tunes is Who Wants To Live Forever from the soundtrack to the film Highlander.” And thus begins the haunting opening lines that we all expect Freddie and Brian to sing.

Immediately following WWTLF, he introduces a medley of ’70s and ’80s songs which started off with the familiar, stomp-stomp-clap. After this intro, the medley didn’t include any more Queen, to my disappointment.

His violin performance reminded me of Lucia Micarelli’s marvelous (and spontaneous?) interpretation of Bohemian Rhapsody on Josh Groban’s Live at the Greek CD/DVD.

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